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Real Estate Agents in Ukraine

Real estates in Ukraine are a booming industry today, with prices rising in one sector to the next. Apartments, for example, are 28.9% more expensive in 2012 than they were in 2011, with an average price of US$2,970 per square meter. This is no match, however, to the 30% peak increase noted in 2008.

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Ukraine, 01004, Kiev st. Бассейная, 9 оф. Basseynaya, 9 of. 10 10, Ukraine

We present to you the latest information about renting, buying and selling real estate in Kyiv and region. Здесь вы также найдете полезные ответы на самые необходимые вопросы, касающиеся операций с недвижимостью. Here you'll also find helpful answers to the most essential questions relating to real estate transactions. Юридическая сторона сделки, формы работы с риэлторами, требования к помещениям, критерии выбора квартиры, новинки по обустройству нового жилья, и многое другое – все это ждет вас на сайте агентства недвижимости «Лавина». The legal side of the transaction, the form of work with realtors, requirements for premises, criteria for selection of apartments, new items for the settlement of new housing, and much more - all waiting for you online real estate agency "Avalanche".

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Real Estate & Service

Andre Petrovitsky Real Estate & Service

Kiev, Ukraine, Ukraine

Real Estate & Service has been committed to serving the International Community in Kiev for more than five years. In 1992, president and founder, Andre Petrovitsky, recognized the community's need for safe, comfortable and convenient housing in Kiev.As a result, he established Real Estate & Service with the goal of locating the perfect "home away from home" for foreigners.

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Kiev City Real Estate

Katerina Tkachuk Kiev City Real Estate

70, Pochainynska Street, Kiev, 04070, Ukraine, Ukraine

Kiev City Real Estate serves embassies and foreign representatives, international brand name companies, banks, diplomatic missions and non-governmental organizations. There are more than 300 clients we have helped. You will find the real estate with us and save your time. Recommendations are available upon request.

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Guides & Articles for Real Estate Agents in Ukraine

Jobs in Ukraine

Although employment opportunities are scarce, expatriates will find that there are stable job available in the teaching, financial and legal sectors. You'll immediately find employment in Ukraine in teaching as the demand for English is soaring as well as the teaching of other foreign languages like German, French, Italian, and Spanish.

  • Cost of Living Ukraine

    Sunday, 06 November 2011 An internet connection through dial up costs approximately USD$0.50 to USD$1.00 per hour. The speed will depend on the quality of the telephone line. In the big cities, there are numerous cyber cafes that provide an internet connection ranging from USD$1.00 to USD$2.00 per hour. Internet accessed through mobile phones may cost USD$1.00 per MB, whereas you can buy a device to hook up a laptop through mobile internet. 

  • Allergies in Ukraine

    Thursday, 21 February 2013 Mold allergy and dust allergy can cause the same symptoms. Allergies can be managed if the allergens can be pinpointed by the doctor. That way, he can find a specific course of action.
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Featured Expat Jobs Real Estate Agents in Ukraine
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Property agent, realtor, real estate agents and more, they go by many names, but are they really necessary? As many countries have many restrictions on foreign overseas property purchase, it is always best for expats to find a real estate agent in their destination to help with their home search and documents. With ExpatFinder, you can find listings of home for rent, properties abroad and property developers selling overseas property for sale to help make the process smooth as possible. Don’t wait to buy holiday homes, find property abroad listings and more right here.

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