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Real estate agents in Iran

Expats living in Iran could find it difficult to find housing. ExpatFinder provides information on everything you need to know about housing in Iran from buying a house to rentals to short term apartments. Although they come in great numbers and should not be hard to find, making the choice of the realtor is often the most essential decision you must make in a real estate transaction. As you search for a realtor for an arranged real estate purchase or rental, always be kept up to date about where to find the best ones in your chosen location.
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Search for real estate agent in Iran

Alita Real Estate

Alita Real Estate

Tehran,Iran, Iran

The Real Estate agency "Alita" is a well established firm experienced in property finding and valuing, client satisfaction is our number one priority.

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Guides & Articles for Real estate agents in Iran

Finding the Right Serviced Apartment for You

If your stay is business related and your apartment needs to serve as a home office, ensure that the telecommunication facilities are adequate for your needs. Check you have mobile phone coverage, internet broadband or WIFI services and a landline telephone in the accommodation. Other services range from place to place, and from country to country, so check that the facilities you require are available. Consider cleaning and laundry services, handyman services, sports and leisure amenities,...
  • Five Top Tips on Renting a House Overseas

    Friday, 22 July 2011 Once you establish an approximation of what you are looking you are better equipped to find a property as close to your requirements as possible. If you know the property you are looking for will cost you more than you initially planned you are better placed to plan budget cuts elsewhere to allow for a higher rent, or revise your list of requirements.
  • A Guide to Networking for Expats

    Friday, 29 July 2011 The purpose of networking is to share information amongst a group of people with something in common.
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Prestige Overseas Health Care!

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Get Free Removals Quotes

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Property agent, realtor, real estate agents and more, they go by many names, but are they really necessary? As many countries have many restrictions on foreign overseas property purchase, it is always best for expats to find a real estate agent in their destination to help with their home search and documents. With ExpatFinder, you can find listings of home for rent, properties abroad and property developers selling overseas property for sale to help make the process smooth as possible. Don’t wait to buy holiday homes, find property abroad listings and more right here.

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