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Real Estate Agents in Belarus

Rules for foreign ownership of real estates in Belarus are strict. While Russians can buy land, other nationalities can only own structures or buildings. For an apartment within the city centre, the price is around 1,480 USD per square meter, while in suburban areas the rate can go as low as 1,000 USD per square meter or less.

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Belarus Accomodation Services

Belarus Accomodation Services

, Belarus

To rent an apartment in Minsk is a very good alternative to a room in a hotel and a very popular kind of living in minsk for our city guests. We give a big quantity of apartments to choose in the very center of the city, so our clients get the following advantages: you get spacious individual apartment of high european level, with all the technics, phone and satellite TV; besides, you save good money(especially when you have guests) and get home atmosphere when you need. Also we can follow getting visa for you, making registration and insurance,providing transfer and excursion programs, giving information support and individual approach to our guests.

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Dennis Turovets Magisters

117a Independence Avenue, Minsk 220114, Belarus, Belarus

We assist our clients in the legal and financial structuring of real estate transactions and, when necessary, in the resolution of disputes.

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Healthcare in Belarus

Compared to other European countries, the standard of healthcare in Belarus is poor and fails to attend to the needs of its population. This started during the era of Communism in the country, where the health sector was severely overlooked and medical personnel were incompetently trained. The technology used was substandard, therefore resulting in a flawed system where even basic medical services are inadequate.
  • Working in Belarus

    Working in Belarus

    Wednesday, 09 April 2014 The percentage of foreign nationals residing in Belarus is roughly16.5% as of 2009, most of which include Russians, Poles and Ukrainians. The international community of Belarus is centered on the capital city of Minsk, and consists of diplomats, expat students, foreign language instructors, missionaries and some volunteers.
  • Cost of Living in Belarus

    Cost of Living in Belarus

    Friday, 22 May 2015 Everyone working in Belarus – residents or non-residents – are mandated by the government to pay an income tax rate of 12% each month, which is deductible to their monthly income. Foreign nationals working in Belarus can check if it has a double taxation treaty with their home country. Value Added Tax (VAT) in Belarus is set at 20%.
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