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Property For Sale in Oman

It used to be that foreigners were not allowed to buy a property for sale in Oman. The laws have changed, however. Now, expatriates can own their own homes, but there are designated locations where they can do so. These areas are called Integrated Tourist Complexes which include The Wave and The Blue City.
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ExpatFinder has currently no properties listed in Oman. Please find below various alternatives or contact us to advertise your apartments for sale.

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Renting in Oman

Properties for rent may be found in the classified ad sections of newspapers and magazines or on the Internet. Some postings are also done in bulletin boards of accommodation blocks or areas. Estate agents are also available in the country to assist in looking for the perfect accommodation for those in need. Viewings may be requested.
  • Real Estate in Oman

    Thursday, 28 February 2013 Real estate in Oman is simpler compared to its neighbors. The main thrust is to increase luxurious but affordable accommodations like small apartments, one- and two-storey villas, and duplexes. The market is targeting investors who wish to live or to own second homes in Oman rather than earn profit on real estate. Despite this goal, many high-end developments still arise. The real estate market may not have been able to escape the global financial crisis in 2008 but now, it's picking up...
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Finding a property for sale or land for sale abroad may be easy, but dealing with the international property regulations is sure to be more difficult. When you find apartments for sale or a house for sale in your destination, you may want to snap it up right away, but a property agent is necessary if you don’t want to make mistakes with international regulations. Closing the sale on the land and overseas property will be much easier with the assistance of overseas property agents. Talk to a specialist about what overseas property and holiday homes are currently available and you can purchase your property abroad even sooner than planned.

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